Mia Reedy Herman

twitter: @mia_reedy

Born in Boston, living in Brooklyn, she is a rising senior in the BFA writing program at Pratt Institute. While her day jobs as of late have included: dead-eyed art school student, retail gremlin, and part-time personal assistant, by night, she interns/writes for feminist satire website The Belladonna and writes, co-hosts, and produces the comedy podcast irregardless! (currently in it’s second season.)

Her primary areas of interest are fiction and satire, though she has also been known to write very short stories that are often mislabelled as “poems” but are in fact very short stories. She promises. Her work navigates the tender terrors of life in the throes of late capitalism, which sounds pretentious and awful but really it just means her stories have phones in them and also scenes where characters give under-the-table handjobs at wedding receptions or fall asleep masturbating to beauty vlogs. Some of her favorite topics include bulimics, bathtubs, and crushing postmodern isolation.

She gets told she looks like Carly Rae Jepson at least once a week.

Selected Works: I Begin the Day (Seafoam Mag,) I Left My Right Foot on the C Train (Luna Luna Magazine)

Instagram: @mia_reedy

Noor Hindi

twitter: @MyNrhindi

Noor Hindi is currently pursuing her MFA through the NEOMFA. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Jet Fuel Review, Diode Poetry, Whiskey Island Magazine, Flock Literary Journal, and Foundry. Hindi is also a poetry reader for BOAAT Journal. She writes for The Devil Strip Magazine. Check out her poetry review blog at nervouspoodlepoetry.com.
Selected Works: “Diode Poetry Publications”, “At a Coffee Shop in Akron”, “2 Poems”
Blog: https://nervouspoodlepoetry.com/

Shan Cawley

twitter: @shancawleywvu

She is a poet residing in Morgantown, West Virginia and a student at West Virginia University. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree in education and a bachelors in English. Her first collection of poems, “depression is a thunderstorm and i am a scared dog” is set to be released during summer 2017.  Outside of the alt lit world, she writes for Affinity Magazine & sits as a Senator on the Student Government Association Student Assembly.
Selected Works: “TWITTERSTREAMLINESOFCONSCIOUSNESS”, “Caps Lock Cupid”, “Kamels as a Dietary Supplement”, “[(PROPHET)AGATION] 20:16”

Instagram: shancawleywvu