Kyle Dargan

twitter: @Free_KGD


Kyle Dargan is a blk writer based in Washington, D.C. His five books and various uncollected poems and essays explore subjects such as the American concept, the masculinity spectrum, and the psychological and cultural strains of gentrification.
His interests outside of literature include Japanese anime, sports functionality and weight training, string theory and the multiverse, and post-human realities.
He is currently reading Heartland by Sarah Smarch and Occulus by Sally Wen Mao.
His most recent books are Anagnorisis (2018) and Honest Engine (2015). His writing has appeared in New York Times MagazineBuzzfeedAdroit JournalWinter Tangerine, the Academy of American Poets, and Poetry Magazine.
He can be found on the internet at or on twitter at @Free_KGD.