we were just a couple of teenage

ghosts doing i-dosers

in the moonlight;

you thought i was cool

because i was the one who

discovered them.


i watched your freckles

turn into lite brite dots

i watched your freckles

turn into constellations

i watched your freckles

turn into fireworks

that wanted to dance

off of your face.


i saw the clock come off the

wall; you didn’t notice.

you told me your hands

were on fire.

i told you mine were

as cold as the last cup of

water i drank while i was

alive. as cold as the time

we went skinny dipping

in the middle of a



it’s hard to believe that

white noise could give

us such a rush;

i was told it was just

the placebo effect and

i wondered if they would

have worked the same

when we were alive.

i don’t think they would have.

back then,

we didn’t know death.



reminisce about the times

we escaped our houses at

night while our parents were

asleep; i wore slippers so i

wouldn’t wake my parents.


now we don’t need to

sneak out; nobody is up

waiting for us. we are



now we leave the houses we

haunt in the middle of the

night; go visit our respective

families’ houses and

watch them live their lives

without us. we dance in

cemeteries full of people

like us,


people who were

unable to cheat death.






















do you ever think about

who we would be

if we hadn’t gotten into

the car that ended our

too-short lives?


would you have been a doctor

would you have gone to Harvard

like you dreamed of

ever since you were a child


would i have gone to art school

would i have become a painter

would i have become a writer

would i have become famous

like i had dreamed of

ever since i was a child


would we have accomplished

the greatness we had hoped for

and does it really matter

now that we’re dead?


i think about it all the time.