What’s going to change in the next 10 years?
How will you use your gifts?
What choices will you make?
If we want to be understood,
maintain a firm grasp of the obvious.
For goodness’ sake, don’t do anything new.
Minimize the death knell of criticism
from well-meaning people.
Your irrelevancy is what other people say about you
when you’re not in the room.
In the end, we are proxies of cash flow,
a company’s stock price over the long term.
Tomorrow, in a very real sense,
we’re going to do it your way.
Will you be a cynic?
Or will you be a builder?
I really disagree with this;
humanity should not be used
as historical purchase data,
to estimate replenishment times,
to stock product within our fulfillment network.
Are you falling prey to proxies?
Or do they serve you?
We can have the scope and capabilities
to work long, hard, and smart,
to put in place a plan and execute;
however, it’s always worth asking,
do we own the process?
Or does the process own us?
You might find it’s the second,
you might stare without blinking,
you might say:
Don’t be afraid;
you can do it.
It’s time to go back to the moon.
It’s time to stay.