after Sandra Simonds


That the weather in the Catskills welcomes in the summer

That we once mistook Ghost for a horror film with a hunky male lead

That I was the only girl who couldn’t sleep at the slumber party

That it exposed fears I had bundled under the blankets with The Little Mermaid

That my mom probably shouldn’t have told me that people grow up, leave     their

 families, and (if lucky) eventually die

That now I lay me down to sleep is a terrible prayer for kids

That I always wondered what happened after Kellerman’s closed its doors

That I was too fixated on the opportunities Patrick Swayze’s character missed

to care about whatever was happening with Demi Moore

That I also cried through the credits of Ghost Dad

That Zarathustra’s advice would have been helpful far earlier

That if there is no you then it’s true that “you” will never know

That if there is a “you” then you don’t depend on legs or the rest of

the body

That no one told us how mermaids breathe under water

That transcendence is nothing to cry about

That Patrick Swayze became like the wind, a ball of light