It’s been twenty years since you kissed
Madonna at the VMA’s.
And I saw on TikTok that you did it again
at your wedding last June.
(But maybe that was deep faked ‘cause your unmanicured
hand melted into Madge’s kaftan maxi dress when you
were Vogue-ing with Drew & Paris & Selena.) Also, when you
struck a pose there was really something off
about your bottom toothless, AI smile.

It’s been 22 years since you and Justin broke
up & Diane Sawyer made you the villain
& JT was crying a river,
was a victim in sync
with the paps & the public & you were always the Cheetos
eating teetotaling virgin with suspected breast implants.

It’s been 15 since your breakdown after your divorce
where you shaved your head & 2000’s me bought the Star’s
& the Us’s & the People’s to see your fall front page center.

I saw your Circus
Tour at Mohegan Sun Casino in 2009.
& damn you could dance so I question
if it’s really you on Instagram with the disabled
comments spinning and spinning day after day
in an entryway, or low budget motel, or greenscreen
with janky extensions and smudged eyeliner.

& wasn’t there a South Park episode
Parody-ing The Lottery
where you are the sacrifice,
where Kyle and Stan try to relocate you
to the North Pole, where they keep watching, where it
feels like the crowd is saying
gimme, gimme (more)