Three Sisters
Three sisters welcomed back
from war a brother just as kind
and beautiful as he was
they watched him sail off
towards times knowing rage.
…He was, however, no longer
a boy.
Darkness Ages Slowly
Darkness ages slowly,
An end has come,
Light for the last time
Skies are shadowy,
Death is gaining momentum,
Darkness ages slowly.
Chaos has defeated harmony,
Not a thing has charm,
Light for the last



Omer Zamir is a twenty-three year old Israeli who has been writing poetry for the past four years.
He has a passion for edgy and free spirited poets, such as Dylan Thomas, Walt Whitman, Sylvia Plath and Yona Wallach.

Stand Thunderous
I stand thunderous on a mound,
a voice to uplift the crowd,
hear my poems resound throughout the city,
 between buildings,
tap on shut windows,
knock on your heart.
Poems pour out of my every pore
and I roar my metaphor to snap you out of the snore!
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Cover photo: Luca Rossato