after The Ren & Stimpy Show

scrawny dyspeptic chihuahua / eyes reflecting cataclysmic stars / the violence of papilledema / i fear to discover his becoming

a klaxon alarm of a character / with a stiff diabolical laugh / catchphrases transform into intrusive thoughts / you eediot / you eeeeeediot / what is your problem / you sick little monkey / i want to say it all out loud

adventurous intelligent chihuahua / an identity of fragmenting shards / his nakedness / next to an abandoned corpse / mummy he calls it / then pulls apart its skeleton / a time before i ate mushrooms

teeth as mortar and pestle / grinding grinding grinding / a black centipede slithers out / hands melt down to the bone / five-year-old learns memento mori

who would he be without that manx cat / with human-sized buttocks / oh stimpleton / oh happy happy joy joy