Boy Soldier
Boy soldier is 9 years old.

Over the course of 9 months

He’s shot over 900 people.

Boy soldier likes when the gun

Goes boom.

Boy soldier likes when the bodies

Stop moving.

Boy soldier likes when the blood pools

Around the blank dead faces.

Boy soldier sits in front of a

Screen all day.

Boy soldier wishes he had a real gun.

Boy soldier is bored.

Boy soldier’s babysitter is always doing something

On her phone.

Boy soldier hasn’t been outside for 9 days.

Boy soldier hasn’t seen his father in 9 years.

Boy soldier’s Mom is always gone for a minimum

Of 9 hours a day.

Boy soldier wants to shoot his dad.

Boy soldier is sick

Of his Mom being too worn out

To read to him before bed.

Boy soldier can’t wait

To make the motherfucker pay.

Flying to California
I’m in the air and all I see outside my window are arteries

Exploded capillaries

Mother Earth’s varicose veins

And 40 million scattered bodies on their way

Back into their mother

Buried beneath her flesh



Azia DuPont, a Minnesota native, currently resides in Southern California with her husband and their three children. She founded the small press, Dirty Chai, in 2012. You can find her online via Twitter @aziadupont 

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Cover Photo: Eugenia Loli (