Kay Gabriel

twitter: @unit01barbie

She is a poet and classicist. She’s currently writing her dissertation on Euripides, modernism and uneven development at Princeton University. Kay’s chapbook Elegy Department Spring (BOAAT Press, 2017), a sonnet cycle about the Warhol superstar Candy Darling, was the finalist for the 2016 BOAAT chapbook prize judged by Richard Siken. Her current project, A Queen in Bucks County, takes the form of a gossipy epistolary series about mass transit and gay social space. She protests: I’m not just a provocateuse! I also pour a mean bath!

Ashley Miranda

twitter: @dustwhispers

She is a latinx/chicanx-chapinx poet and teacher from Chicago. Most of her work is an exploration of mental health, gender, and trauma. Outside of writing, she loves and is inspired by horror films, magical realism, and surrealist works. She is currently fixated on the video game Undertale and if you want to talk to her about how morality is determined in video games, feel free to hassle her on Twitter! Her poem “this is a love poem in my own way” was nominated for Best of the Net 2017 by Yes, Poetry. She recently finished working on her first manuscript, 13 Jars, and hopes to see it published soon. Ashley lives with her husband and their cat in Chicago.

Selected Works: “jar six”, “wicked wicker woman”, “this is a love poem in my own way”, “the one on the left says “me”, “not at the bottom yet”

website: agirlaloof.com

Umang Kalra

twitter: @_umangkalra

She is a 19 year old student of History at Trinity College, Dublin.  She spends her time procrastinating, reading, looking at art online, watching weird and wonderful videos on YouTube, and learning how to adult. She sometimes also writes. She is a passionate traveller, and is interested in Art History, Philosophy, Astronomy, and Literature. She likes to pretend that cities are near-living things and every romantic poem she’s ever written is probably about a bunch of buildings in some corner of the earth and perhaps the particular colour of their sky. She is currently involved in a year long mentorship programme for women of colour in Ireland, under Doireann Ni Ghriofa.

Selected Works: “Two Poems”, “Unloving”, “The City Did Not Know My Name”, “Muse”, “Sea Salt”

website: cobblestonedstreets.wordpress.com
instagram: cobblestonedstreetsumangkx