Su Cho

twitter: @su__cho 

She grew up here and there in Indiana playing soccer and volleyball. For the past three years, she’s enjoyed kayaking in the lakes around Bloomington and reading the Feynman Lectures on Physics to decompress. When she’s not outside, she tests out cooking different steaks at home, binge-watching Friends for the thirteenth time in the last five years.

She received her BA in English, Creative Writing, and Psychology from Emory University. She completed her tenure as Editor-in-Chief of Indiana Review and has just graduated from Indiana University with an MFA in Poetry and an MA in English Literature.  She was the recipient of the Writer in South Asia Fellowship, a National Society of Arts and Letters (Bloomington) Award, and most recently a Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing Poetry Fellowship. She will be moving to Milwaukee this summer to join the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Creative Writing PhD Program.

Selected Works: “Winters in Queens”, “I Describe My Selves”, “The Giant Learns to Float”, “Tangerine Trees & Little Bags of Sugar”


 Erin Jin Mei O’Malley

twitter: @erino232 

She writes about queerness, culture, and language. She’s a former theater kid/rock collector who has recently started listening to rap music. When not writing, Erin enjoys walking her dog, spicy foods and/or memes, and making zines.

She is currently a Speedwell Scholar in Germany. Her work been recognized by Hollins University, Columbia College Chicago, the National YoungArts Foundation, the National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, the Hippocrates Initiative for Poetry and Medicine, and others. She is the Co-Founder of Sooth Swarm Journal.
Selected Works: “elegy”, “I love the way men love” & “how catholic school was inented”, “springsong”


Kiley Reid

twitter: @kileyreid

She grew up in Tucson, Arizona. She enjoys writing about women, people who do the right thing for the wrong reasons, summer camp, and outer space. She currently works as an Editorial Assistant at the blog and soon to be book The Aesthetics Of Joy. She is a guest contributor at Citiscapes Magazine, and will join the Humor Editorial Team this summer in the Stanford Business School course titled Humor: Serious Business. Her short story P. Lawson was recently awarded first place in the 2017 Flash Prose Contest at LUMINA: the literary journal of the Sarah Lawrence College MFA program. She currently lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas but will be relocating this fall to pursue a Masters in Creative Writing at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

Selected Works: “P. Lawson“, “How Long My Body Was“, “All Astronauts Are Quiet And Sad“, “It’s Not Katy’s Birthday.

Instagram: @kileyreid.