Grace did something wonderful at work. She shined a light in the dropped darkness. She saved an entire life! To say more might embarrass or betray or violate laws, but she did do it, nonetheless, was even given cookies for her actions. She drove all the way to where she was needed, and then went farther and further. I’m so proud of her.

Scene 2: I was on my kickback, thinking to myself, babe, chill, I’m on your side. But when do I reveal my tattoos to my new boss? What will I sing at work karaoke? This is all that’s bothering me and living stress-free. I used to have such dread on Sundays about 4pm.

I am searching for the sentence to say, I fucking know about laying in bed hoping the phone doesn’t boing. I’ve felt no—solicitude. I was in the concussion protocol of the soul. I’m trying.

To demonstrate the difference between equality and equity you can use this cartoon of a ladder, but Jessica said, “What about justice?” then collapsed, puking. She had stopped taking her meds, then took them again, and now here she was. We were in the Great Hall with skylights–natural light–and then she ended up at the local clinic, then the city hospital.

I won’t go so far as to say I saved her life–I mainly gave advice and directions. I didn’t answer her question, but the answer is on another slide, a cartoon ladder with steel supports.

Scene 4: We kissed and Grace said she tasted blood. I know it’s my undiagnosed gingivitis. Dental insurance is out of the question and can you imagine spending green money on your teeth? It’s the 21st century and they still have at you with the metal hooks and pics and drills. I’m holding out for some good innovation.

Where is this going? By which I mean my professional life, by which I mean this local train. You come to a complete stop at the junction then wait for the faster ones to pass.