Amy Saul-Zerby

twitter: @amyszzz

Amy Saul-Zerby is editor in chief of Voicemail Poems, an online spoken word based literary magazine founded some years ago by her friend and fellow poet Jamie Mortara. Amy also writes a weekly ‘Notable Philadelphia’ column for The Rumpus, which affords her the wonderful opportunity to spotlight local writers in her area. Her second poetry collection, Deep Camouflage, was published in January by Civil Coping Mechanisms. The book is an exploration of love, loss, addiction, and depression—themes she began to touch on in her first collection Paper Flowers Imaginary Birds (Be About It Press 2017). She recently finished reading The Dream of a Common Language by Adrienne Rich, which blew her away. Jamie Mortara’s new collection Good Morning America I Am Hungry and On Fire broke her heart in the best way, and she is also a huge fan of Prairie M. Faul’s In the House We Built. In addition to her ongoing relationship with the written word, Amy is also deeply infatuated with the city of Philadelphia. In the rare moments when she’s not writing, editing, or reading, she enjoys taking advantage of Philly’s incredible visual art, literary, and music scenes.


instagram: amysz & amysaul_zerby