Bennett Sims, celebrated for his acclaimed works like “White Dialogues,” skillfully crafts a captivating tapestry of surreal and absurdist narratives that will leave you entranced by their enigmatic, intellect-driven disquiet. In this exceptional collection, Sims adeptly plumbs the depths of academia, art, and technology to probe the intricate interplay between identity and memory, creating a literary experience that lingers long after the final page is turned.

This intricate tapestry of words inhabits a uniquely eerie literary space, evoking the spirits of literary giants like Kafka’s labyrinthine narratives, Edgar Allan Poe’s psychological gothic, Kurt Vonnegut’s satirical wit, and Shirley Jackson’s disquieting horror. Navigating the labyrinths of Sims’ tales might leave a mark on your psyche, but the unsettling and mesmerizing landscapes it unveils make it a journey worth taking.

The brilliance of the collection shines brightly in “Portonaccio Sarcophagus,” where the narrative commences with the narrator’s visit to a burial tomb in a Rome museum. Unexpectedly, the focus shifts to a mysterious photograph taken years earlier in an Italian cemetery, featuring a shadowy, Grim Reaper-like figure hovering in the background. This lays the foundation for a web of free associations that gradually coalesce into a poignant narrative of his mother’s declining memory, showcasing Sims’ remarkable ability to intermingle emotional depth with an enigmatic ambiance.

At the core of this collection lies the dreamlike tale “Unknown,” where an ostensibly mundane act—lending a phone to a stranger at the mall—unleashes a series of eerie voicemails from an undisclosed number. The unmistakable Lynchian undertones in this narrative are vividly apparent, as Sims adeptly navigates the terrain where the ordinary undergoes a haunting transformation into something surreal.

Sims dauntlessly embarks on narrative experimentation throughout the collection, most notably evident in “Introduction to the Reading of Hegel,” where a single paragraph extends across nearly 30 pages. Here, the self-sabotage of an adjunct professor’s quest for a prestigious fellowship unfolds, evoking a palpable sense of unease that deepens the Lynchian sensibilities.

What sets “Other Minds and Other Stories” apart is Sims’ portrayal of characters haunted by their intellect, adeptly extracting disquiet from the mundane through their keen observations. Whether it’s GPS navigators, text messages, or even the simple act of reading, these elements are adroitly wielded to create an unsettling atmosphere. Once you’ve ventured into this brilliantly paranoid perspective, you’ll find it impossible to perceive the world in quite the same way again.

Bennett Sims’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of contemporary fiction is unmistakable in this collection. “Other Minds and Other Stories” extends an invitation to immerse yourself in a world where the line between reality and the surreal blurs, leaving an enduring impact on those who relish cerebral and haunting storytelling. The unmistakable Lynchian aura of this book resonates with a depth that will indelibly alter your perception of the ordinary, ensuring that you’ll never view the world in quite the same light again.


Release date is November 14th

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