The Puzzle Man I
The Puzzle Man stood and she looked at him with a smile.
“I’m missing a few parts,” he said to her.
“We all are,” she answered, “but you have what I need and I have what you need.”
That’s when the Puzzle Man realized that completion was a collaborative effort.


The Puzzle Man II


She found his ear and whispered, “We all break, but I can fix you,” and the Puzzle Man slowly found himself becoming whole.


The Puzzle Man III
The Puzzle Man was scared.
“What if our pieces don’t fit?” he asked her, “What if I’m put together and look more like you than me? What if I don’t look like me at all?”
“Then we’d both fall apart, for our pieces would be unstable,” she told him with a soft smile, “and I don’t like feeling broken.”
So the Puzzle Man let go of his fear and relied on trust as each piece snapped into place.


W. T. Paterson is a Chicago native who loves watching Ghost Hunting shows and then screaming at the TV because they are “Doing it wrong!” His other work can be seen in anthologies such as Whispers from the Past, El Portal, and Procyon Press. Be sure to check out his full length novel ‘Dark Satellites’ due out this fall and send him a tweet @wtpaterson


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Cover photo: Erin Hayden