i love tacos


“That’s great, Jane. But why do you love tacos?”


Jane had sat back at her desk. Mrs Clifford was standing in front of the class.


“I love tacos because they are tacos.”


“That’s not a reason to love something, Jane.”


Jane was confused. She didn’t know how to explain it. She just loved them.


“I don’t know how to explain it,” Jane responded.


Mrs. Clifford was sick of this lesson. She wondered whether it was impossible to make 3rd graders debate anything more substantial than candy or television.


“Well that’s what we’re doing here, Jane. We’re explaining why we love things.”


“Okay,” Jane responded.


She walked back to the white board and began to write.




green stuff


“Good, Jane. I think the green stuff you’re referring to is guacamole.”


“Oh yeah.”




“Good job, Jane. Now who’s next. Phillip? What do you love?”


“Pizza!” shouted Phillip. He hustled up to the board while Jane returned to her seat.


Jane plopped down in her seat and laid her head down on her crossed arms. She looked up at her list.






It didn’t feel right. She didn’t love green stuff. Or cheese. She loved tacos. Mrs. Clifford didn’t know what she was talking about.