The famous actor is standing next to the phallic object. The object was designed by the billionaire idiot to carry people to Mars on a jetstream of cryptocurrency and corpses. The corpses are from people who sold the rights to the visual depiction of their skeletons. They didn’t read the fine print; they just saw all the zeros after the one, and their eyes popped in and out of their skulls like a cartoon dog who sees an expertly coiffed French poodle (what does it mean that those manicured curls are unanimously agreed upon as cartoon canine femininity, my whole life I don’t know what this means?) The actor is smiling and wearing the leather jacket his costar gave him on the last day of filming on the TV show that made them famous, and it just seemed like the right choice, you know? A symbol of success wearing a symbol of success standing next to a symbol of success. In the video, you can’t really see the corpses strapped to the rocket; it’s too far away, and the skulls are so small, they look like snapdragon seed pods, the femurs and radii like twiggy connective tissue. The actor waves and smiles, and this is the part, if you blink you’ll miss it, I’ve watched it a hundred times, ssshhhhh! Watch! Propulsive air blows him backward, and he’s stuck to the rocket before he can do anything about it. He signed up to go to Mars, but he didn’t read the fine print. He won’t be alive when the rocket lands because the billionaire idiot’s wife, an experimental musician turned holistic medicine guru who owns a clinic where people pay to scream into each other’s mouths (every room is private and soundproof so their screams only belong to each other), bought the rights to the visual depiction of him dying inside the pile of corpses, a deal on top of a deal, a piece within a piece, a meta for the ages. But I never got to post this on Instagram! the actor shrieks as the jet fuel melts the flesh from his bones—it smells sort of like the burnt bits in the bottom of the oven when you’re preheating—because he has two million followers, and what a waste! Someone does upload it posthumously though. You saying you want us to ride you like a rocket? 😉 his costar comments because they’re always baiting the audience with fake flirting. They want the gay fanbase of the show to imagine them fucking; every comment like this drives up ratings. Choke me, daddy, some other hopeful writes because the actor looks very handsome just before he melts away. The twenty-five-year-old model the actor was sleeping with comments haha, caption game always on point! The caption reads: About to hit the space bar. *martini emoji*