It was cloudy today in Montreal / overcast and cool for July
When I realized / the space between
An ending and a beginning / is endless &
Never enough / indistinctly present / like so much
Tired rope / in frayed coils
Extending the length of this rickety pier.

Docked boats strain / against their moors
Tied true / growing tighter /
Humid heat keeping time / while the wind whistles
Insistent on this point: I’m right. / & I was right then.
Nevermind the contradiction / it’s only time.
Go on. Go on. / Make a new home / of thoughtful obfuscations
Slender arms for siding / ugly feet / a concrete floor / boxed dye coloring
The thatched roof. / A nest feathered in
Off-brand art / in hiding / as an alternative to healing /
Bared knees / with picked scabs. / You pretend ignorance
Excuse misplaced effort / Exhibit A: avoidance / wounded pride / unintentional / unintentional
Dust covers everything / and you keep talking / about how vacuuming is hard for you /
I think you think this is trying / It’s not, and / I threw up my hands long ago
Fingers like fronded palms / blowing in the breeze
Filtering the light in stripes / fibrous / frayed on
Each edge / leaning into hot summer wind. /
Rent and shredded from friction / Arecaceae
Evergreen / notably sturdy, as a breed / tears apart / when the wind is strong enough.
Now. Breathe. / Listen to the rushes / one last flickering whisper:
There’s only this space.