eating fruit

i catch myself inheriting things that you say into my everyday conversations,
and thinking abt it makes it feel like i’m tasting dried apricots for the first time
sometimes i catch you doing the same thing
but have you ever thought abt why the dried fruit game isn’t bigger than it already is?
i hope you do think abt it, dummy

everywhere feels thick
and i have never surrendered to anyone before
in the time it to build it,
180 days passed,
2,430 baseball games were played,
and a baker’s dozen of poached eggs were consumed
while shopping, i remembered that one time
i wore the same outfit two days in a row,
and i’m happy that you didn’t mention it
maybe you did notice but didn’t care,
or didn’t notice but would have maybe cared if you did,
or did notice and did care but didn’t want to embarrass me
thx for not embarrassing me
we used to live together, but now we don’t and that’s ok

880 seemed like a hecka high number for square feet
there was that one time i woke you up
because I was eating fries too loudly when i got home
i still feel bad about that, i guess