Courtney Cook

Cinco De Mayo

The morning he broke up with me, he shit his pants. We got a donut shaped as a poop-emoji to commemorate the occasion, singing Miley Cyrus’ The Climb o...


I bought a book of poetry titled depression is a thunderstorm and i am a scared dog and I wanted to revise it, change ‘depression’ to ‘life’. I think about...


lines in italics written by Josh Olivier   We sit stoned on the couch, our feet sweaty and outstretched. The smell of them in the air. You read...
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Courtney Cook

Courtney Cook is an MFA candidate at the University of California, Riverside, and a graduate of the University of Michigan. An essayist, poet, and illustrator, Courtney's work has been seen in The Rumpus, Hobart, Lunch Ticket, Split Lip Magazine, Wax Nine, and Maudlin House, among others. Her illustrated memoir, THE WAY SHE FEELS, is forthcoming from Tin House Books in summer 2021. When not creating, Courtney enjoys napping with her senior cat, Bertie.