The way Ben’s hand swept across JLo’s ass,

polishing her like a truck he’d just bought,

his skin smooth, his teeth spotlight white.

The JLo back then wore newsboy caps and big hoops,

her eyes wide, her brows lifted as if fame

was a surprise, as if she didn’t know for what rewards

she crunched that stomach three hundred times and twelve times a day.

Two million sit-ups later, it’s Jennifer who wears Ben,

wears him like a brand-new Birkin, handsome consolation

for the Oscar not won, for being cheated on,

for the tabloid’s fairy-tale-gone-wrong narrative.

They look cute, Jen knows, in sweaters on Instagram,

and girl we agree. We heart emoji. We fire emoji.

Is this reunion real?

Does love always become a negotiation?

Shrug emoji. Eye roll emoji. Eggplant emoji