what is the difference, between a human?

we are not red within the rainbow,
nor are we death, but we are
the violent asteroid belt, found
between mars and jupiter, lustfully
we provoke the earth
from afar, as if we could potentially rip
the world with apathy, like a heard.
at dusk, when we sit and stare out
and vapidly ponder about the humming rave,
we begin by rapidly wandering down the numbing wave
at dusk, we ask ourselves
what is the difference, between a human?
but we know the answer:
it is the same difference, between a suffering.
we are not read within the pride,
nor are we alive, but we are the peaceful moon,
found between the earth and the sun, lovingly
we provoke the earth
from pointblank, as if we could potentially heal
the world with pain, like a listen.


the truth of childhood descending

may it be a blessing that fashion
is always in death, like style
it stays vulgar. Our nodding
democracies became nictitating empires
withstanding, new stories like a snooze
catching the last light, guffawing
off the tale between our legs. A pause
now, because we are still
people unmoved by our wavering
feet, and our anxieties muddled
like an old fashioned yawn,
crooking its finger, and pretending
to be the rain washing, away like
the truth of childhood descending.



Jonathan Dick is a 22 year old poet and human being from Toronto, Canada. He has recently graduated from Huron University College with a major in English Language and Literature. You may have seen his recent work in Songs of Eretz, The Rain, Party & Disaster Society, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Five2One, or Lipstickparty Mag. Twitter: @jjdickyboy Email: jonathandick4@gmail.com


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Cover Photo: “American Tears” by Bob McNeil