This museum has the following exhibits:

Gallery of school functions. The fifth grade play is 1776. Benjamin Franklin is played by a girl, his wife by me, daydreaming about always wearing a bonnet.

Dissections, arranged on brass and pinned. I should have known that my obsession with earrings was because women have ears.

Drag is a frontier for the personal sciences. Artifacts: skirts, socks, pills. Mannequins behind glass in three stages, text that reads BEFORE DURING AFTER. Floral tights from a thrift shop. An ex’s old bra, wire bent. The waterfall of a green dress.

This Plexiglass case has our joke: A 9 inch silicone beige dildo with optional suction cup and balls. Remember, we held it like it was our nervous system, reverent, in an off-street store. The bulk of it sat on my silence.

Four small displays in the back: Severed ponytails, no donor plaque; a tall mirror; locker rooms of North America; replicas of myself, worn out.