Analog Dreams

You came to me in cave paintings,
in vibrant vibrations,
in a magnitude of otherworldly measures.
And you explore your entrances and exits,
leaving all of me inside these analog dreams,
waiting for you to wander back.
Bootheels on highways and byways
bring me around and back again,
but never to your body.
I cannot force your figure into the world;
I must wait without words.
Only the forces which thrive on optics
can better my chance of your presence.
But the light skews and suffers in this scape,
and my eager eyes will suffer, too,
as I wait, and wait, and wait.




Zach Benard is a filmmaker, photographer, and writer from Massachusetts. He is the author of ‘The Lost Islander,’ a contributing editor for ThatLitSite, and has created several short films and music videos.



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Cover Photo:Brian Michael Barbeito