They actually went all the way there, there is
a bottle of juice at Whole Foods that costs ten dollars
I didn’t buy it (I would never)
and every person at
the grocery store avoids eye contact
Don’t look at anyone!
I’m more inspired
by what others make than what I could ever come up with
and I’m feeling smart
because — I figured out it’s calories
I need to eat to fill me up, so now I can feed myself
while my parents head to Burning Man / “the burn”
I’ll watch the dog for ya
while you do drugs
on the playa
Next year — I’m the rich guy
in the desert who pays suckers
to set up camp for me
Let me be clear:
There is a category of art I call “Burning Man art”
It is not a compliment
So I’m better off watching people play video games
on YouTube I mean I like video games but not enough
to play them, I’ll watch though
— I fell asleep on the couch in
the library’s basement and felt
something weigh heavy on my chest
which I couldn’t lift or stand or cry out
for help and
the only thing I could think
about was our dishwasher at work
who when I asked him “What’re you
thinking about?” told me
he was thinking about a one world government,
and if that could possibly be maintained —
But I don’t know if we’ll ever get the chance to find out
I think the dead are speaking to me