grantGrant Maierhofer



Writing through big burning weights of the mind which formed a sort of Proustian autobiography which he found his life not interesting enough to uphold, his thoughts shifted towards reflections on modern madness, fragmentary expressions, and a love for the way thoughts connect, which became foundational material for his current fiction including his most recent novel, Postures and his upcoming novel Flamingos which will be available this fall through ITNA Press.

atticusAtticus ‘Lil Tank’ Davis



This aggressive beauty Promised to get nude for the bio, and my wish came true. But we can’t post a shot like that on a site like this. There are kids watching. However, we’d like to dedicate the whole thing to Jesse Prado, who it looks like will be hosting it for 200 lbs. In the meantime, you can check this list of credits for all stuff lil tank, and keep your eyes open for his upcoming series of film-ready relationship stories, which he’d love to lead him back to a large readership through sf/ld books.

lexLex Taylor



So much evolving going on here. It grows with her massively growing following. Twitter making her into a better version of herself. Her thoughts spilling out because they’ve got to. It’s tough being a bingo ticket vendor. Though she has had worse jobs. Too much fast food. At night she’s a vigilante, protecting us from the female musecast. Currently, she is most concerned with following her own hero Angel Olsen on tour and reblogging reviews for her most recent book Where it Hurts.

wrenWren James



Started jotting thoughts down in middle school because he would get his homework done too quickly and have nothing to do with his time. They were just random notes, song lyrics, and various other word doodles, but, you know, once you get onto Leonard Cohen, it’s only a matter of time before your songs get narrative and turn into stories. He’s currently working on what he calls ‘writing up the kindling’, which involves going through his memories and giving grown up expression to his growing up thoughts.

christianChristian Patterson



Here stands the self-declared best living white male writer who can’t deny that he’d like everyone to like him. This former roommate of Zachary Cosby’s is currently working on a few projects: a book length poem that he is calling a ‘pubic mound made of slot machines’, a chapbook length manuscript that is just about ready for publication, a screenshot collection from his famous group dm which included such notable names as Edward Snowden and BeachSloth, and reading all the positive reviews of An Alternate Reality Where Mello Yello Is More Popular Than Mountain Dew – his latest book of poems.