Troy James Weaver is a writer and musician. He loves his wife. He loves his friends. He loves his dogs. He was there at the beginning of the burgeoning Sillyboys subculture which sprang up out of boredom during 2020. Some of the best writers alive were involved. They’re all friends. Troy feels like that’s the most important thing. Troy is the author of five books and seven poems. Troy’s work has appeared at places like The Southwest Review, The Fanzine, The Nervous Breakdown, Juked, Hobart, and on and on. Boring shit to talk about, if you ask him. Family and friends are more important, though he does love writing and reading as well. He was recently the recipient of the Imitation-as-Flattery Award in Fiction. He was born and will die in Wichita, Kansas. Check out some of his work by Googling his name. There is a lot to find. We recommend you find it all.