D.T. Robbins is a writer out of Southern California who writes mostly absurdist shit that’s usually either kinda funny or kinda sad or a bit of both or a lot of both or whatever, who knows? Writing got really boring for him after a while so D.T. took a chance and decided to move in behind a local Walgreens and write on the walls inside the dumpster where he sleeps. When he’s not writing or sleeping or drinking, he plays guitar and sings Damien Jurado songs and cries. He also works out a lot but not enough to be super in shape. He’s only kinda in shape, enough that his wife still thinks he’s sorta boneable. Lately, he’s been doing 500 kettlebell swings a day in order to reach 10,000 swings. His ass and hamstrings hurt real bad but it’s all good he’s fine don’t worry.

D.T.’s favorite writers include Brian Evenson, Kelly Link, and Willy Vlautin to name a few. There are a lot of really excellent writers that D.T. has become a big fan of that, for the low low price of sanity, you can find in the Twittersphere: Bud Smith, Brian Alan Ellis, Cavin Gonzalez, Kevin Sterne, Elle Nash, Mallory Smart, Homeless, Kevin Maloney, and many many more! He just finished ready Body High by Jon Lindsey and now he’s working on Watertown by Dan Eastman. Both are great. Both are good. Let us thank them for our food.
D.T.’s debut book of poetry, This Is What Happens When You Leave Me Alone, comes out July 15 from Rejection Letters. Oh, he’s also founding editor of Rejection Letters. You can find him spontaneously combusting on Twitter at @dt_robbins and read more of his shit at his website dtrobbins.com.
He hopes you’re safe and happy and warm and in love and enjoying your favorite food and favorite drink. Bye.