Erinrose Mager

twitter: erinrose_mager

Born in South Korea and raised in Pennsylvania, Erinrose Mager now writes and teaches in Denver, Colorado. She is a Literature and Creative Writing PhD student at the University of Denver and co-editor of The Official Catalog of the Library of Potential Literature. Her work appears in The Adroit JournalThe CollagistDIAGRAMNew SouthTIMBERwildness, and elsewhere.
With Hannah Waters and Marta Evans, she is currently co-editing an anthology of collaboratively envisioned, research-driven speculative fiction. Erinrose is interested in writing about/around parental estrangement and loss, cross-racial adoptee identity, and food preparation. She has drawn recent inspiration from Brandon Shimoda’s Evening Oracle, Simone White’s Dear Angel of Death, Timothy Yu’s Race and the Avant-Garde: Experimental and Asian American Poetry Since 1965, and Laura Riding’s Experts are Puzzled.
In her spare time, Erinrose enjoys watching the first two episodes of many television shows. She is at work on a collection of short prose.