The dead girl won’t stop talking. She’s hanging in your room, scrolling through your phone, speaking in hidden hashtags. 1#Deb. 2#Mia. 3#Ana. 4#Sue.

She isn’t talking about your fake 5#nofilter friends at school. She’s talking about you, Candy.

The dead girl tells you she 6#HadPastaTonite. She knows you leaked her 7#privateselfies for likes and follows. Now, your stomach is eating itself.

It wasn’t me,” you say, acid sticky on your tongue. The dead girl bites hers and keeps scrolling.

The sugar rush of a notification puts your heartbeat on speaker. You reach for the phone. The dead girl powers it down. She wraps her cut arms around your razor-thin body and tries to stop the 8#feeding.



1 Depression
2 Bulimia
3 Anorexia
4 Suicide
5 Naturally pretty aka mean girls
6 A cry for help
7 Nude selfies
8 Social Media addiction