I. Adjustment Disorder

How is being well-adjusted not just settling at best

And lacking empathy at worst

Like those people who suddenly think

We all live in a simulated universe

Having just now noticed all the wrong things

Calibrate your maladjustment

Just so


II. Imposter Syndrome

Their hair shakes over their faces like rain

Eyes covered they confess to all who listen

They secretly think they don’t belong

And are maybe just fooling everyone


But it’s not a secret because you literally told everyone

And everyone agrees they feel the same except for me

So it seems you actually do belong

And no one is fooling anyone

See Adjustment Disorder


III. Toxic Masculinity

Some fellow academics said that for me to use this term

Even in quotes was tantamount to a hate crime

Against men but who said anything about men

Too much anything is toxic even air water and sleep

Then they asked if there was toxic femininity

So clever these academic fellows

And I explained that it’s the same thing

Each extreme alchemically transforms into its opposite


And reminded them that no one said anything about women

But speaking of women

Please see Imposter Syndrome for additional insight

Also Adjustment Disorder