1. Alcohol: It triggers my anxiety. I drink sencha. BYOB.
  2. Apps: What I have is what I use. Notifications are off. I like to be present in the moment.
  3. Bags: I used to be bag crazy. Sam called me Imelda Marcos. But bags have no resale value. Donating is a kind of excess too.
  4. Bed linen: We invested in Giza cotton a few years ago. Hypoallergenic. Well broken-in. Hygge for my home.
  5. Books: I don’t own printed books. The only paper I keep are passport, diplomas, photographs, and cash.
  6. Bottled drinks: It’s a health and money decision.
  7. Bottled toiletries: I use a bar of soap. Body, hair, face. Easy coz I live alone. A hemp soap can cost you more than an hour at the spa.
  8. Broccoli: Hospital food.
  9. Cable TV: I don’t like paying for switching channels/watching ads.
  10. Clothes: I have thirty pieces of clothing. That includes lingerie. Marcos is Gandhi now. But she’s keeping the wedding dress.
  11. Diet food: It’s a scam.
  12. Dishwasher rinse: Use vinegar.
  13. DVDs/CDs/Blu-rays: I can start a library with Sam’s collection.
  14. Eyewear: I wear prescription glasses. A pair of shades outdoors. Vintage cat eye. KAMALIKULTURE. I am frugal, not boring.
  15. Fabric softener: Just use vinegar.
  16. Factory meat: Unethical, unmitigated bad karma. Stop. Cold turkey. Ignore the pun.
  17. Fancy china: Got monogrammed Pickard for an anniversary. V & S. Gave it away to Vic and Sarah. Friends shouldn’t care about crockery. Those who care are not your friends.
  18. Fancy cleaning stuff: Vinegar, vinegar, vinegar, and some elbow grease.
  19. Fancy kitchen equipment: Don’t need to buy any. Sam’s mum brings me plenty. Cherry chompers, pizza scissors, butter cutters. You can buy everything but common sense.
  20. Flowers: Been a while since I wore a daisy in my hair.
  21. Gadgets: My stereo died last month. Not much trouble surviving the loss. Same story for other things. I move on.
  22. Gum: No frogs to kiss.
  23. Hair colour: Au naturel. Keeps the wrong ones away.
  24. Insurance: Wolves. Insurance people are wolves.
  25. Jewellery: Would have bought if I had kids. Something to pass on. But no diamonds. I might as well wire the money to Boko Haram.
  26. Matchy-matchy stuff: The last time I cared about pairings was Hugh Grant and Anna Scott.
  27. Mugs: They invent occasions to gift you mugs nowadays. Anyway, I held on to a V & S cup. Sarah knows.
  28. Plastic shopping bags: I sleep better knowing I am not gagging sea turtles in Honduras.
  29. Souvenirs: Fridge magnets are lame. Pictures are all you need.
  30. Wall art: I have Sam’s photographs. Travel pictures. Iceland, Peru, Japan. There’s one of me from the hospital too. The last time ever I smiled for Sam. Got it from his phone. How I wish I had dressed up that day.