When you’re born, your Name will be waiting for you, standing by your father. You’ll quickly be able to recognize your Name, even if you don’t know how to spell or pronounce words yet. But that’s okay. Your Name already loves you and promises to always be there. On the first day of preschool, you and your Name will be excited and curious, wearing your Batman backpacks. Other kids will get to know you and your Name; both of you will stretch, get taller. Some teenagers will make fun and call you nicknames. You won’t allow that. You and your Name stick together, always. When you graduate from high school, your parents will be so proud. Your Name on the diploma will make them gloat. College? Same thing. When you move away, you’ll begin dating this pretty little number. Your Name will be happy for you. You’ll fall in love. You’ll get married. She’ll want to change her last name to yours. Your Name will say, “No, that’s fine, you’re your own person, you don’t have to,” but she insists. “I love your name,” she says. You say, “We hit the jackpot,” and your Name smiles. When your first son is born, your Name will be there with you and your wife. Your Name takes a step back so you and your wife can have your moment. Your Name will hold your baby. Your Name will look to you, then your wife. “Can we?” your Name asks. You turn to your wife. She nods. So your Name is passed on to your son. (And passed on to your son’s son.) When the kids are all grown up, your wife will file for divorce. Your Name refuses the paperwork, but you affirm that this is for the best and there’s no choice. You and your name get drunk when the divorce is finalized. Your ex-wife will no longer have your Name. “Good riddance,” you say. Your Name only looks at you. You’ll get remarried, but this new wife, nearly half your age, doesn’t want your Name. “It’s nothing personal,” she says. Your Name shrugs. A few years later, at 63, you die of a heart attack. Your whole life flashes. Your Name watches the coffin lower. Your Name will stay at the gravesite, forever. Your children and loved ones will remember you. After a while, people will only remember your Name.