So listen up. If we’re going to date I need you to understand Brooke Davis. Because she is me and I am her and if you don’t support her you don’t support me.

I’ll have the mozzarella sticks to start. And water to drink, thanks.

I know I sound crazy but listen. Can’t you see it?

Doesn’t Brooke Davis deserve it all? She has things happen to her and more times than not it’s not her fault. Other people ruined her business, her husband forgets her child in their car. Things happen to me too and I wish I had more control but I don’t and they keep happening.

Like when my mom told me that she was moving to Jacksonville and that she needed to take my car. Then I had to finish high school without a car and it was awful because everyone else had one.

No, no wine for me, thanks. I’m sure.

Brooke Davis always gets the leftovers. She’s the second choice, but she deserves to be the first choice. Do you know how it feels to always come second? To be passed over first, then taken because you’re still there? As though the only qualifications that you check off are being 1. Alive and 2. Present?

OK, I can see you’re checking out but if you’ll just put your phone down I’ll explain.

It’s just that I’ve been passed up too. It’s why I’m here on this blind date. Because you’re friends with my best friend and I’m guessing you loved her once right? And now you’re here with me. Second choice.

So you didn’t love her but you could. I can see it in your eyes that you could love her. Try to deny this – you could love her, couldn’t you?

I’ll have the cobb salad. Dressing on the side. You’re getting a burger? Fine, well. Maybe I’ll have one too.

Here’s the thing. Brooke Davis can see what she deserves and doesn’t understand why she never gets it. She knows she’s worth more but still has to deal with the cards she’s given.

She knows she’ll never be a Peyton – someone so alluring she turns men into stalkers. She’ll never be a Haley – the centered, grounded, homemaker type who keeps everyone sane. She’ll never be a Quinn – goofy and spidery and fun. She’s too fiery and selfish and particular and sweet and can’t you see I’m just like her?

I know you just met me, that’s OK. You’ll find out soon enough. I’m Brooke Davis and I deserve to be first choice just once.

But, wait, you haven’t even finished your food.


Can’t you see I’m just like her and she’s like me and you could be my Julian? That’s what I need.

OK fine, you have my number. Call me sometime if you want. I know you won’t. Because I’m Brooke Davis and I’ll keep searching and waiting until my day comes.