Created en masse, drama-addicted, selfie-obsessed megalomaniacs by millions turn to social media to reinforce their identities through daily junkie fixes of either virtue signaling, self-disparaging humility, and vocalized expressions of empathy—outward advertisements of integrity that resemble the analogous efforts of a corporation that brags its proceeds go to fight hunger, never mind the devaluing of an otherwise good cause (Note that they don’t defend homeless orangutans in stumped rainforests, tortured international slaves who “fish” our cats’ food, HIV-riddled forsaken kids in Kenya, or birds with 1000-plus bits of gastrointestinal plastic from waste-producing humans, but they’ll participate in an ice bucket challenge), not to downplay the importance of any one cause, just the feigned interest to collect likes because they dream (and don’t get me wrong, it’s noble but sad) that they’re in the local store-diner-parking-lot searching for dogs in hot cars or scenes of human mistreatment permitting them to rail heroic in solidarity with said victims, desperate to demonstrate love and be loved in public view and to say, like them, “I’m like you, like me,” and recording the scene to “spread awareness” (instead of just being good people unseen)—or through frequent I-don’t-usually-post-this-but narratives of personal trauma in a society that has fostered them through newsfeed umbilicals where, despite their most noble efforts, they don’t see enough beauty in themselves to feel worthy, their real selves fading, lost, in lonely places behind the cold mobile screens of their ego-ideals.