the rationalists speak of a mystery
something they can’t solve
that imbues our natural history
and drives us to evolve
it’s the Dark Universe
made up of Dark Energy
and Dark Matter
do I now detect
a lil’ subconscious chatter
one to repel, the other to attract
i’m not fucking wit ya
it really is a fact

perhaps we need some amplification
Jung’s anima/animus however would need some citation
but imagine if you will
three fates spinning a wheel
maybe there it would show
what is buried below
if only five percent is known and seen
what do you think that could possibly mean
quite a bit left
and chthonic it seems

Dark Matter web
connects like Venus
building the universe
and all that’s between us
birthing the stars
its opposite more like Mars
that’s Dark Energy ripping apart
the end of which is just a restart
then what does this say about psyche and soul
and the nature of our subconscious stroll
can we finally look up and say
as above so below
or is this simply my big TOE