excised synthetic sweat

in a shot glass

perspiration of cage fighters, lovers

somehow collected at climax

using gas chromatography

viscous yellow, slightly disgusting

physical representation, sex and aggression

entirely manufactured, counterfeit

ambiguous to nature

like stiletto heels, bullets, drones

form follows no function

like a gun made on a 3-d printer


maybe like the rapture

age of design is upon us

likened behavior made of video games

brings pacman to picasso

leaving no tangible evidence of peace

no longer the need to possess

acquisition acknowledges existence

changes perspective about

ethics of design

old temples are crumbling

we are designing our own gods




Eaten Up By Nothing



thunder storming in barcelona

had beach plans

crossing rain slicked plaza

of museu blau

desolate grey sheeting shades falling

all black from the neck down


huge green eyes

got you invited on stage in new york

transoceanic surfer

severely jet lagged

watching yourself from above

moved by mad puppet masters



wry, erudite, free associating

a guitar god

with nice push and pull

trying to keep grounded

as poor players strut

seconds on a stage

seen no more


disciples in kentucky pronounce

dinosaurs died in flood

noah didn’t have room or

they just shit too much

serious power these christian cults

ark tickets a premium

seems all so predatory


salvation pits itself

against natural inherent desires

like being baptized

in bathroom sink of the bates motel

blunt in one hand

rosary the other

starts us on that great guilt trip


like bradford’s great awakening

in the hands of a vengeful deity

being held over the pit

managing phony sense of control

fearing being thrown to the flames

makes you crazy

this internal battle

with the spirit in the sky

and the collection plate


in the end

we all die with

our wits and painted on soul

battle the dinosaur lost in the flood

universe takes no notice of us

total schizophrenia otherwise

god last seen playing skeeball in atlantic city

in texas at a mall his son,

to terrorize us with trivialities,

hawks armageddon t shirts

“…..We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities, we are eaten up by nothing.”


Charles Butkowski





Dan Jacoby is a 1965 graduate of St. Louis University. He is a former special forces soldier, educator, and coach. He has published poetry in Red Fez, Wilderness House Literary Review, Canary, Deep South Magazine and Lines and Stars to name a few. He is a member of the Academy of American Poets.


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