The small poems that have heart, hipsters calling each other hipsters, and end of the world parties are what count.

It doesn’t matter if you hate YOLO, you can’t live here forever. Move on.

Beachsloth is a steely-dan playing poetry-leaking faucet in the shape of a smiling face.

That which does not kill you is fodder for the internet. Keep tweeting and be awesome, Like this book.

The pangs of hunger that keep us awake like a Murakami story are what make up the words on the screen like a “lifetime of isolation.”

Seriously, read it. It is strange and absurd and silly and everything one would hope a poetry collection by the fabled Beach Sloth would be.

I’d write more of a review, but It doesn’t matter. It never does. And it never should. This is a collection of awesomeness written by Beach Sloth and that’s what makes it count. If you don’t its your loss. It’s available to buy here.

My favorite poems in random order:

Incoming Mail

Hope against hope


Philosophy Course

Stars of the Lid

The Vice Guide To