You are the only one left in your family.

Take a sip of water, you’ll be fine.

It was quite the set of circumstances. Remarkable, really. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m sure you remember the car crash. No? Your mother was driving you home from softball practice. There are swerve marks in the road. She hit a tree. That is really all we know. I will spare you from the details. Needless to say, she did not survive.

Take another sip. It will help. I promise.

At the same time, it appears, your house was robbed. A man in a black mask. So cliché, if you ask me. He had a knife and a gun. Used both. The cops caught him on High Street. Your father, I’m sorry to say, was pronounced dead at the scene. The EMT told me his last words. Tell my wife I love her. Pretty cliché as well. Sorry. I have no bedside manners.

Don’t cry, don’t cry. Take a sip. Hydrate. It’s so important. Please.

We found your brother at the bottom of a retaining wall. A bottle was next to him. Do you know what alcohol is? It’s an adult drink. He isn’t an adult. That’s probably why he died. We’re interviewing his friends now, but they also drank so it’s not going very well. We are guessing he fell. No, he had no reason to jump. It’s okay if you got into fight with him. Such silly things never end up at the bottom of retaining walls. Such silly things.

Here’s another glass. Good, keep drinking. You’ve lost some blood. You need water.

Your sister had too much water. They found her at the bottom of the lake. Did she like kayaking? Yes, we thought so. There was an empty one lapping against the shore. A storm hit—big storm, great bolts of lightning, thunder, all that stuff. You’re afraid of storms? You like to cuddle with your dog when the rain gets loud? I’m so sorry. I’ve got terrible news.

There’s a bandage on your head. You may have a concussion. Have some water.

They found your dog in the backyard next to a packet of white powder. Quite the mystery. Do you know what drugs are? Don’t worry about it for now. It’s another adult thing. We aren’t sure if the robber dropped it, if your brother was in way over his head. Or perhaps it fell from the sky like the rain that doomed your sister. Sorry. Doomed is such a strong word. Trapped? Inconvenienced?

It’s recommended you get a new dog within a week. Have some water. You can look tomorrow.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to stay with your grandparents. It seems they all died simultaneously of various diseases. Heart attack, stroke, undetected aneurism. Another one fell down the stairs. We’re still looking into it.

Please, drink up. You need it. I promise.

No, your mother’s sister isn’t available at the moment. By that I mean, she was flying across the country and the plane only made it halfway. We’re not sure what happened. Just fell out of the sky. Like the drugs, yes. Sometimes these things happen. Not normally all at once. But they do happen. Yes, airplanes have seatbelts. Unfortunately, she was in the bathroom at the time. I’m not sure it would have made a difference. Everyone died. Including her husband.

Take a sip, take a sip.

Were your father’s siblings vacationing in Mexico? They were. Okay. Do you know what a banana spider is? Yes, just like the fruit. You love the fruit? Not anymore. They are deadly, yes. How deadly? Enough to kill your father’s two siblings. Sorry. Let me rephrase. Enough to send your father’s two siblings to the beautiful gates of Heaven. You don’t believe in God? I get that. I wouldn’t either if I were you.

One last sip in the glass. I’ll get you another. There you go.

I suppose now we’ve come to you. You’re not dead, obviously. At least, your injuries don’t look life threatening. There is an orphanage in town, but I’ve got some terrible news about a fire. No, not even the rainstorm could keep it down. But there are a few other options. Live on the streets? We couldn’t possibly allow that. Have you heard of foster care? We were going to place you with a couple, but they went for a hike and never returned. No, of course it’s not your fault. None of this is your fault. I want you to know that. Sometimes life isn’t fair. Sometimes it’s really unfair. Your mother used to say that? And now she can’t? I’m so sorry. I really am so sorry.

Please, sip. It will help. We’ll find you someone. I promise. I promise.