It is 2022 and the crew has returned to the fictional offices of Dunder Mifflin.

This episode is written by Greg Daniels and Ron Nyswaner and directed by Bryan Cranston.

All the main cast returns, though their participation varies in enthusiasm.

I am hired to document the making of but forget to document the making of so now I’m documenting the episode as I rewatch it.

It opens with Jim receiving a call from Michael — he has cancer.

Jim calls Oscar — who still works at Dunder Mifflin with most of the other characters.

Oscar is now the manager and forced everyone to sexually identify as gay.

Oscar tells everyone that Michael is dying of cancer.

They all fly to Colorado where Michael lives.

Jim and Pam plan to meet them in Colorado, but Jim has a very important client meeting.

Pam and the kids go without him.

Pam has an in-flight affair with a flight attendant named Bucky.

In Colorado, Kevin has a heart attack and Meredith gives him mouth-to-mouth, which is actually what kills him.

No one does anything with his corpse, so it begins to bloat and rot in the hotel room they all share.

Toby is a registered sex offender so he isn’t in the episode.

Dwight finally arrives in Colorado with Angela.

Dwight left Dunder Mifflin because vegans have made his beet-themed B&B become a million-dollar business.

Stanley died of COVID-19 so he isn’t in the episode.

Creed also died, but he’s still in the episode.

Everyone arrives at Michael’s house.

He tells them he’s in the final days of his cancer.

He tells them that Holly took the kids away because he didn’t want them to see him like this.

Pam arrives.

Michael tries to kiss her.

We’re supposed to find it funny.

The rest of the episode becomes a flashback, clip montage of the entire series.

Michael has a seizure and is rushed to the hospital.

Pam calls Jim, but he still can’t get away.

In the hospital, Dwight confesses his undying love for Michael.

Michael calls him gay and we’re supposed to find it funny.

Oscar tries to unplug the machine keeping Michael alive, but he’s caught by medical staff and is arrested on attempted murder charges and we’re supposed to find it funny.

Pam calls Jim again.

He’s getting on the plane to Colorado.

Jim has an in-flight affair with a flight attendant named Bucky.

In the hospital, Holly arrives without the kids.

She asks everyone to leave the room so her and Michael can be alone.

She sits next to his bed.

She holds Michael’s hand as he slips away.

Michael says You have to say goodbye.

Holly says This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

And with his last breath, Michael says That’s what she said.

We’re supposed to find this funny.

Jim arrives moments after Michael dies and makes the moment all about him, how upset he is he couldn’t make it in time.

At the funeral, everyone tosses a toy Michael gave them into the grave.

As a priest gives a graveside eulogy, there is another flashback montage of moments from the entire series.

The final shot is of Michael’s tombstone.

It reads: World’s Best Boss.

An orchestral version of The Office theme plays over the end credits.

It will be nominated for seven Emmys and win in all categories.

It will become the highest rated hour in American television in the last thirty years.

Shortly after, Steve Carell will actually die of cancer.