Deacon Jones: Nathaniel, why do I smell gas? And what are you doing with that torch?
Me: I need the gas and torch to put something to rest.
Deacon Jones: Son, you just can’t get right. After all these years, you’re still playing with fire.
Me: Daddy this time I’m right. And I’m not playing with fire I’m using it.
Deacon Jones: And what did I tell you about smoking those cigarettes?
Me: Well pops, you told me a lot but I’m trying to quit smoking and this ain’t a cigarette, this is a tip
Deacon Jones: Oh, well look at you. You know something that I don’t
Me: I know the difference between a cigar and a cigarette.
Deacon Jones: Boy I’m not going to stand here and compare apples and oranges with you.
Me: I didn’t mean it like that daddy
Deacon Jones: Look at me when I’m talking to you. Why do you keep staring at that bridge behind you?
Me; See pops that’s what I’m trying to tell you…
Deacon Jones: Lord have mercy, you’re about to burn that bridge, ain’t you?
Me: Pops when your right your right.
Deacon Jones: I don’t know where me and Sandy went wrong with you. And I’ll tell you another thing….
Me: Pops, just hear me out please
Deacon Jones: Thank you Jesus! This don’t make no sense, you know what, go ahead son tell me what you want me to hear.
Me; Daddy the bridge is behind me right?
Deacon Jones: Yeah son so what
Me: Well the way I see it, I’m moving forward
Deacon Jones: Well you were but now you’re back to playing with fire
Me: Pops, I wasn’t finished
Deacon Jones: Phew…., go ahead Nathaniel
Me: Now like I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted….
Deacon Jones: Watch it boy, you think I’m too old to beat you down
Me: No sir, can I please tell my story
Deacon Jones: That’s better and I’m listening
Me: Pops that bridge leads back to where I came from and if I’m moving forward I ain’t going back. That bridge leads to misery, heartache and pain. So I’m about to torch it, to insure that I never ever go that way again.
Deacon Jones: Well my goodness, you ain’t quite as stupid as you look and a lot of times act.
Me: I love you too pops
Deacon Jones: Well what are you looking at me for? If that’s how you feel burn it down!
Me: Okay (I throw the torch on the bridge and it engulfs into flames)
Me: isn’t that fire beautiful pops?
Deacon Jones: Son, your mother is beautiful. All that is, is fire
Me: Oh pops
Deacon Jones: Oh pops nothing. Now I know you moving forward and everything but boy it’s cold out here let me give you a ride
Me; Alright daddy………What? Why are you staring at me like that?
Deacon Jones: Now I know you know better than to think you getting in this truck with that cigar, tip or whatever it is. Put it out!
Me: Yes Dad
Deacon Jones: Come on Nathaniel
Deacon Jones: Boy, you are something else!
Me: I know I am, so are you Pops
Deacon Jones: Now put your seat-belt on and don’t touch my radio or my heater
Me: I won’t pops
Deacon Jones: You bet not
Deacon Jones: Yeah son, the good lord’s blessing
Me: He sure is Pops……