A shop will be a spacecraft and the sales jargon will be aliens’ best attempt to understand and be understood and we’ll be traveling while we’re inside the shop but they’ll return me to where they picked me up and I’ll leave and think I can see a matte silver, almost-plastic quality to the lines of the shop’s exterior, like maybe they are arcing maybe they are humming at a sonic frequency, and maybe they have made the bones in my head permanently resonate at that same frequency and so I’ll be able to walk under power lines in the rain and sense the aliens still in our atmosphere and be able to decode the signals they inject into the city’s flow of electricity and into the chemical structure of raindrops and I’ll look at a cat and it will crouch and look back at me like cats do, like it’s startled, before turning with alarm toward something I can’t see and then darting away and I’ll be pretty sure that the cat is just one of the aliens checking up on me and that fact will leave me warm inside and feeling loved and like I understand what a heart chakra is and I’ll thrust my hands forward in the pockets of my rainproof jacket and scrunch up my shoulders and feel the big warm pocket of air I’ve made inside the jacket and just smile like I’m loved and like nothing makes sense but also like that’s really not that big a problem in the scheme of things.