Re-design or re-think how the modern fridge is organized, used, and maintained so that the process of going to the grocery store, stocking the fridge, taking x from the fridge, consuming x, and putting the leftovers of x neatly back into the fridge—all according to new design—enables the form—of a newly functioning machine—to be actualized, in which each part is a crucial mechanism, part, or micro-machine of the total-machine: the self-cleaning fridge.


A new function designed and built into the construction of the shower and to the process of showering in order to save time after showering and/or to prevent the shower operator from catching a chill between the time the shower is terminated and the commencement of drying off. This period of time is often dangerous. For example, a bad slip is possible for a shower operator of any skill level. In short, the shower is also a dryer.


Maneuver attachable/detachable gutters for the kitchen and the bathroom counters in order to make cleaning the counters easier without dirtying the floors. When cleaning the counters, attach the attachable/detachable gutters, wipe crumbs or liquids into the attached attachable/detachable gutters, when satisfied with the cleanliness of the counter detach the attachable/detachable gutters and empty the gutters into a waste reciprocal. Finally, clean the attachable/detachable gutters by placing them into a dishwasher, or washing them by hand in a sink. Finally, store until needed.




Make all surfaces as smooth as they possibly can be for quick, easy, and efficient cleaning.