For Sale: Like New Video Baby Monitor – used once, $65 OBO


August 1

Emma: 13m

Is this still available? Seems like a great deal, why are you getting rid of it?

Sue: 12m

Yes, it’s available, we decided to go with a different model.

Paul: 9m

I’ll take it, can I get it now?

Emma: 8m

I responded first, you can have it if I don’t want it.

Paul: 7m

That isn’t how this works.

Sue: 8m

@Emma do you want it?

Emma: 7m

Yes, I sent a DM for time and payment.

Paul: 7m

If she doesn’t want it, I’m next.

Sue: 4m


Abigail: 2m


Denise: 1m


August 3

Emma: 2h

@Sue Did you ever notice anything weird with the monitor?

Sue: 17m


Emma: 16m

@Sue I sent you a DM pls respond

Paul: 1h

If you don’t want it, I’ll take it for $55

Abigail: 45m

Lay off @Paul she didn’t say she was selling it. @Emma if something is wrong with it report Sue to the admins.

Sue: 16m

@Abigail nothing is wrong with it


August 4

Emma: 1h

It happened again! The monitor in my bedroom showed a baby crying in our daughter’s crib, but my daughter was snuggling in bed with me.

Paul: 58m

Sounds like the monitor is picking up someone else’s, try switching channels and tell me if you sell it.

Emma: 57m

We tried that already, plus the room looked just like our nursery.

Abigail: 45m

That’s strange, was someone playing a prank on you?

Denise: 36m

@Abigail wins for the dumbest comment on the internet today.

Abigail: 17m

@Denise way to escalate. I reported you to the admins, their looking into it.

Denise: 14m

@Abigail they’re*

Paul: 11m

@Denise Nice

Emma: 45m

@Sue did this ever happen to you?

Emma: 26m

@Sue please respond, I sent you another DM, but it says you blocked me?

August 5

Emma: 1h

Ohmygod last night while our daughter was in her crib the monitor went off and it showed her asleep with another baby crying next to her. What kind of sick game is this? @Sue I am taking @Abigail’s advice and reporting you.

Paul: 51m

Quit trolling @Emma, you don’t have to be a bitch about getting the monitor.

Abigail: 50m

@ Admins @Paul broke group guideline #3: No name calling or disrespect of other group members.

Emma: 50m

You don’t understand, it was horrible. I took a video with my phone.


Paul: 46m

So what?

Emma: 45m

Don’t you see two babies?

Paul: 40m

Yeah, but how do I know you don’t have twins. Lady get over yourself.

Abigail: 36m

That is so creepy, the crying baby looks like he’s wearing one of those old-fashioned nightgowns.

Denise: 31m

I’m with @Paul @Emma has a twisted sense of humor.

Emma: 6m

Wait, I just put my daughter down for her nap, she started crying and I see the other baby again.

Emma: 5m

@Sue this is not okay.

August 7

Paul: 2h

@Emma any updates on your “haunting”?

Paul: 1h

Guess @Emma decided she didn’t have a captive audience here. @Everyone any updates on the monitor?

Paul: 30m

@Everyone Hello…anyone else still on this site?

August 10

Sue: 15m

@Everyone Did anyone see the news?

Paul: 13m

Which part, weather, sports, weekend events, politics?

Abigail: 12m

@Admins why is he still here? Now he’s violating group guideline #7: Do not talk about politics

Sue: 12m

The story about the mom drowning her baby.

Mom drowns baby, claims it wasn’t hers

Denise: 11m

It was so sad! I read she kept saying it was someone else’s child, a demon or something, and it wouldn’t stop crying.

Abigail: 11m

Can you imagine believing that you had someone else’s kid? But why drown them just for crying?

Denise: 10m

She said it was going to hurt her daughter.

Abigail: 9m

Still, how could a baby hurt another kid?

Denise: 8m

The mom claimed it was trying to possess her daughter. Obviously, she was unhinged.

Sue: 10m

I think that was @Emma.

Denise: 9m

Why would you say that?

Abigail: 9m

That’s sick @Sue, especially after your the one who ghosted her. @Emma do you want me to report Sue to admins?

Denise: 8m

@Abigail you’re******

Paul: 6m

@Denise you’re on fire!!!

Sue: 9m

It was the area she lived, the place where I dropped off the monitor, and she mentioned something in her dm’s to me about ridding her house of the monster.

Denise: 7m

@Sue what did you say to her?

Sue: 6m

@Denise I blocked her, I didn’t need her giving me all that crazy.

Abigail: 5m

@Sue so you broke a group rule? @Admins group guideline #11: No blocking of other members with whom you have an open sale.

Sue: 4m

@Abigail, I already sold her the monitor, as is. Also, I wouldn’t sell a baby monitor that had something wrong with it, and if I had known that @Emma was unstable, I wouldn’t have sold it to her.

Paul: 2m

@Everyone Can I have the monitor if it was her?

Admins: 1m

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