Josh Dale


The Friday when rent was due, Katelyn moved out. It took one trip with her Geo. She took pride in her entire life residing in a duffel bag, safe, and gray tote ...

A Losing Bet

I had to live with my grandmom after my parents died last year and it’s sucked ever since. Losing both parents in a car crash? Yeah, really bad. But I bet you m...


We are high as fuck on Mike’s deck the moment the powers that be turned on the new billboard. It’s nighttime and it hurts our eyes at first. It’s so bright, lik...
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Josh Dale

Josh Dale is a native Pennsylvanian and the author of the novella, The Light to Never Be Snuffed, and the poetry collection, Duality Lies Beneath. He hopes you read this outside, far away from society, and maybe a cat present. Say hi at