A young man, Hippolytus, and a young woman, Pip, sit on a ring around Saturn. Stars shoot all around, no sounds but for Hippolytus and Pip talking.


Hippolytus: I shoot without ammo, what am I?

Pip: A star!

Hippolytus: No, silly! Try again. (laughs)

Pip: I don’t want to try again. (pouts)

Hippolytus: I know you want to try again. (kicks an icy rock)


Pip says nothing.


Pip: Our final stop, is it soon?

Hippolytus: About half way now, I think. Not many rings to go…

Pip: And how many rings around Saturn?

Hippolytus: As many as to Purgatory.

Pip: And this is?

Hippolytus: I’d say ring four.

Pip: Our trip, is it moving up or down through all rings?

Hippolytus: I don’t know, but (funny bus conductor intonation) Purgatory, coming up! (claps hands)


Hippolytus and Pip turn to icy crystals, blow onto an adjoining ring, turn human again. Hippolytus and Pip sit on a ring around Saturn.


Hippolytus: It’s cold.

Pip: A soft cold.

Hippolytus: A smooth cold. You know, sort of as cool cotton.

Pip: A cool pillow.

Hippolytus: That’s right baby, a cool pillow.

Pip: And so bright.

Hippolytus: Mhm, icy bright.

Pip: But softly so.

Hippolytus: Soft.

Pip: As soft as your skin… as icy too.

Hippolytus: Don’t start.


Hippolytus and Pip say nothing.


Pip: Why won’t you say it?


Hippolytus says nothing.


Pip: Say it.


Hippolytus says nothing.


Pip: I lo… (prods Hippolytus jokingly, giggling) I looo

Hippolytus: Stop it.

Pip: you lololovvvloovv (Pip prods Hippolytus again and again, giggling)

Hippolytus: Cut it out. (slaps away Pip’s hand, turns away from Pip)


Pip says nothing, looking at Hippolytus. Hippolytus turns back around, looks at Pip.


Hippolytus: If it’s so important, you say it.

Pip: I try… but it’s stuck in my throat. I’d say it gladly!

Hippolytus: A word can’t stick in a throat.

Pip: Look! It’s stuck in my throat. (mouth gaping)

Hippolytus: I don’t think so. (Hippolytus looks into Pip’s mouth, his hand around Pip’s throat)


Hippolytus and Pip laugh, kiss. Pip looks lovingly at him. Hippolytus looks lovingly at Pip.


Pip: How long?

Hippolytus: Until?

Pip: Until…you and I… you know

Hippolytus: Fuck?

Pip: Crass man! Don’t you think of nothing but that? (giggling)

Hippolytus: My angsty girl… (Hippolytus wraps arms around Pip) No, no I don’t. (pulls away)

Pip: How long until you and I stand on solid ground?

Hippolytus: I don’t know, baby.


Pip starts to cry. Saturn’s rings spin in ultra-rapid, fast and slow. Saturn and Saturn’s rings vanish.


A minimalist room, a hanging light, a scratchy LP playing, shouting fighting sounds coming through a wall of an adjoining flat (Putain! Putain! Salaud! Salaud!), cop cars wailing, dog barking. Pip is lying in Hippolytus lap, not moving. By Pip and Hippolytus is a box of Narcan. Hippolytus starts to laugh; Hippolytus starts to sob.