Jenny Sadre-Orafai  

twitter: jennys_o 

She is the author of five chapbooks, PaperCotton, Leather, and Malak. She is co-founding editor of Josephine Quarterly and an Associate Professor of English at Kennesaw State University. Sadre-Orafai is also Executive Director of Georgia Writers Association. Mostly writing about what she’s trying to make sense of, this usually starts as some sort of image. More specifically, Sadre-Orafai likes to explore her family, her travels, and the supernatural in her writing. When not writing, she likes to travel and finds that strangely nothing gets her to write more than being in the sky on an airplane. She considers her undying love for Frida Kahlo to be a hobby she can’t shake and make into anything more than devotion forever. She also likes learning about energy, crystals, chakras, tuning forks, and different ways of healing. One of her favorite healing sessions has been when someone played singing bowls on her body. 

Selected Works: “Queen of Cups” in Poetry Society of America“We Can’t Change the Orbits Quite Yet” in Verse Daily“Three Poems” in The Collapsar“Misophonia Primer or How You Hear Sound” in The Collagist“Aiming for What’s Unknown: An Interview with Jenny Sadre-Orafai” in The Collagist 


Tien Taylor  

twitter: TienWrites 

Tien Taylor majored in Creative Writing from University of Washington, Tacoma. She enjoys experimenting with different styles and techniques. She is currently working on a historical novel. She loves watercoloring, sewing and thrift shopping. She buys books faster than she can read them. The only time she is awake before eight is if she is substitute teaching. 

Selected Works: “Jammed” in The Murmur House“Birth Defects & Other Poems” in Eastlit“Sounds” in Sea Foam Mag 

Kate Horowitz 

twitter: @delight_monger 

Kate Horowitz is a poet, essayist, and science writer in Washington, D.C. She’s also a chronically ill and disabled lady; a philomath; a cross-stitcher; and a lover of small, strange creatures. She has a master’s degree in science writing from Johns Hopkins University and studied poetry with Robert Pinsky at the New York State Summer Writers Institute. She likes the moon. She eats a lot of apples. She takes a lot of walks. 

Selected Works: “The Death of the Lobster” in Public Pool“Amaryllis” in the Murmur House“Performance of a Lifetime” in Bitch magazine“Blind Date, Phillips Collection” in Qu