Sshywatsonhy Watson


Dealing with a possibly infected pool table wound and crying over podcasts does nothing to slow this promising writer down, but with mere weeks separating her from her degree, ‘Snobros’ catcalling her from the CU Boulder campus, and no job prospects in sight, don’t you think it would be cool to support her by buying her new book ‘Away Status’ from Bottlecap Press or one her paintings?


Alexandra Naughton


Founder and editor of Be About It Zine/Press. Her friends think she’s normal, but she thinks that her obsessions might be a problem. One of her main priorities in life is keeping a clean room, because everything is okay in a clean room, including obsessing over things and writing novels such as American Mary which she recently published through Civil Coping Mechanisms.

jacobsheltonJacob Shelton


Writer, humanist, musician, film guru, editor, fiction reader for nat. brut: Jacob Shelton has a long list of credits to his name. He’s a lover of horror films, and he becomes “what an Austin Powers impersonator wishes he could be when he drinks”. His debut collection of short fiction, Minor Phrases Volume 1 – Never Be Punk Again, was released in 2015 and he is currently working on a choose your own adventure book about the french revolution and a couple of short stories that are in various stages of being a mess.



aka Mr Mildew, aka Mustard, Gutbloom is a blogging bodhisatva, a soul-blogger, the self-proclaimed tribune of Medium and mayor of live-journal. He is a lackie inventing summer troll, banned from various Gawker sub-blogs, and Urban Dictionary’s sole definer of ‘flensing‘.



or whatever they’re deciding to go by on whichever day of the week it is, is a telegram writer feeling dehydrated in what could be a new state of desert as far as messenger writing is concerned. If you happen to have the app and are looking for a spirit to keep you company who could use some company themselves, then check out their channel here.