Chris Ames

twitter: @_chrisames

Chris Ames is a writer who also draws. Recently, his work has appeared in Electric Literature, 3:AM Magazine, Heavy Feather Review, and elsewhere. He studied Creating Writing at San Francisco State University on a full-ride scholarship, and now lives in Oakland where he works as a writer at a branding agency. Chris’ writing is concerned with the process of placeholding — what we’re missing, how did we lose it, and what we’re replacing it with. He takes inspiration from the wave of contemporary prose stylists, lyric essayists, and basically anyone trying to devastate you with a one-liner, such as: Amy Fusselman, Diane Williams, Mary Ruefle, Renee Gladman, Rivka Galchen, Jenny Offill, and Gary Lutz. Currently, he’s in the middle of reading “Database of Dreams” by Rebecca Lemov — a super interesting nonfiction book about a pre-Internet attempt to record the raw data of human experience. When he’s not doing any of the aforementioned, he plays basketball.


Selected publications: