Yes, you read that correctly! Maudlin House is looking to inject some fresh blood into the press. Our interviews editor, Olivia Olson, is heading off to grad school so we’re looking for someone to fill her shoes. We’re also looking for someone to take on the position of Reviews Editor.
So what do those TWO positions do?
• Find interesting and cool writers/ interview them
• Post said interviews on WordPress


• Find interesting and cool books/ review them
• Handle review submissions
• Post reviews on WordPress

So come at us! Send an email to
• about you
• cool work you’ve done in the past
• why you want to work with us and fresh ideas you have
• writers you’re into
These are non-paying positions at the moment (one day we hope to be able to pay). Everyone at Maudlin is a volunteer. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be perks  🙂